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Citizen-Led-Renovation: New EU initiative puts renovation projects in the hands of citizens




Total Project Duration

2 Years

Supporting citizens in the energy-efficient renovation of buildings
Projektbanner Citizen-led renovation

The project

Instead of waiting for external actors, citizens are encouraged to take the initiative and renovate their neighbourhoods, schools or public buildings themselves, and thus upgrade them. This participatory approach not only promotes a sense of ownership and community involvement, but is also a major contributor to the regeneration of the urban environment.

Our activities in the project

Led by THINK-E, we are a central partner responsible for the social science analysis of the pilot projects and for the development of new renovation concepts as part of energy communities and the necessary regulatory framework.

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Europäische Kommission

Th!nk E
Steinbeis Europa Zentrum
Stefan Scheurer Consulting

Details of the project

Selected pilot projects are being supported in various European countries. The aim is to carry out renovation measures not only with companies, but also with citizens at the central switching points, for example through voluntary and not-for-profit energy communities. The project was initiated by the EU Parliament and commissioned directly by the EU Commission. This is not only related to the ambitious energy efficiency targets for 2030, but also in particular to the new EU Buildings Directive, which aims to promote renovations in neighbourhoods and energy communities. The results will be used by the EU Parliament and the EU Commission to further develop their energy policy, but also by national governments when implementing the 2030 EU directives in the area of energy.

Project participants

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