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ACCORD: Common understanding as an initiator for local climate protection measures




Total Project Duration

2 Years

Creating a conceptual framework for aligning climate risks and coping options
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The project

ACCORD aims to promote more ambitious and accelerated climate protection measures at local level, as emphasised in international (Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals), national (e.g. Austrian Climate and Energy Strategy) and regional (e.g. Lower Austria Climate and Energy Programme) policies. Thus, the project contributes to an existing scientific as well as an identified practical gap.

Our activities in the project

In ACCORD, we use a transdisciplinary case study approach to compare selected municipalities receiving an experimental participatory intervention with similar, neighbouring municipalities as a control group. Apart from determining how well the climate risk assessments held by local stakeholders are currently aligned, the insights gained will be put into practice in an experimental co-creation approach.

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Klima- und Energiefonds

Universität für Bodenkultur (BOKU)
Energiepark Bruck/Leitha

Details of the project

The urgent need for local climate action presents a strong contrast to the fact that only 11-50% of Austrian municipalities participate in the Austrian policy instruments for climate model regions. ACCORD investigates whether maladaptive behaviour or climate inactivity can be overcome by building a common understanding of climate risks and coping options among local stakeholders. ACCORD uses a new approach to analyse how local actors coordinate with each other. This consists of combining protection motivation theory with climate governance approaches in selected case study regions in order to improve the acceptance and effectiveness of climate policy instruments. The multi-actor perspective expands the focus from the administrative level and identifies relevant actors (from local politics, civil society and business) that create a specific local governance arrangement.

Project participants

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