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Closing event of the EU-Twinning-project on cooperation between science and industry

The closing event of the EU-Twinning-project "Supporting inter-sectoral collaboration possibilities between Research and Industry" took place on the 17th of March 2023.

Abschlussveranstaltung des EU Twinning Projekts

f.l.: Wolfgang Polt (Institute POLICIES), Erekle Astakhishvili (Director General of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia), Kakha Khandolishvili (Head of Strategic Planning and International Relations Department, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia), Ramaz Khurodze (Academician-Secretary, Georgian National Academy of Sciences), Kirsten Kienzler (Junior Project Leader, DLR Project Management Agency, Germany), Photo: Vano Gorgishvili


The EU-funded Twinning-Project supported Georgia in strengthening cooperation between science and industry. The 3-year project with a budget of €1.3 million aimed to address the priorities and challenges in the Georgian science, technology and innovation (STI) system by ensuring an interdisciplinary approach, collaborative research and the promotion of evidence-based policy implementation in line with the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. The project brought together Austrian, German and Latvian experts with Georgian experts to strengthen the capacities of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG)

The project team worked together to improve the SRNSFG's existing programmes and operational activities in response to national priorities and socio-economic challenges, taking into account the regional and international context. The project focused on initiating dialogue with and between different stakeholders.

Closing event: Smart Georgia

More than 120 representatives from the EU, government, state and private universities, companies, international funding organisations and civil society took part in the closing event Smart Georgia "New beginnings for the inter-sectoral collaboration possibilities between Science and Business".

  • At the project's closing ceremony, the General Director of SRNSFGErekle Astakhishvili, emphasised the significant successes of the Twinning project. The main project activities were: Development and revision of the call for grants to promote intersectoral dialogue, development of the strategic documents and identification of scientific priorities for cooperation between science and industry, and popularisation of science.
  • At the same time Wolfgang Polt, the project coordinator from the POLICIES Institute, emphasised the importance of a joint task force between different authorities to promote cooperation between science and industry. Taking into account the experiences and examples of other countries, cooperation and the definition of a clear division of tasks and responsibilities facilitate the development of innovations and scientific ecosystems.
  • Inese Gavarane, the local Twinning consultant, pointed out that the closing event marked the beginning of a new phase of cross-sector dialogue in Georgia. It is well known that Georgia is a cradle of first innovations. Georgia can become one of the innovation leaders by enabling closer cooperation between scientists and businesses and promoting the identified priority areas of applied research.


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Wolfgang Polt
Authorised representative, Director POLICIES
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