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Mission Facility Austria

JOANNEUM RESEARCH POLICIES, together with AIT, ZSI and supported by Fraunhofer ISI, form the Mission Facility Austria.

Mission Facility

Mission Facility

What are the EU missions and why is a mission facility required?
In 2021, the European Commission, supported by experts and stakeholders from the member states, defined five EU missions in the areas of cancer prevention, climate change adaptation, water regeneration, soil health and climate-neutral cities as part of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation. Implementation structures for the EU missions have therefore been established in Austria since 2021.
These missions require a new approach to policy design and implementation: goal-oriented, impact-oriented, cross-policy, participatory. The so-called Mission Action Groups (MAG) work with the target groups and stakeholders from research, industry, public administration and civil society.
The central task of the Mission Facility is to support the Mission Action Groups (MAGs) and the ministries in the development and use of impact-oriented and tailor-made procedures for the planning, intersectoral coordination and strategic management of the missions and to provide relevant knowledge for this purpose.

What kind of support does the Mission Facility provide?

The Mission Facility focuses on close cooperation with the Mission Management Unit (MMU), the Mission Action Groups and the ministries in order to advance the EU missions by providing demand-oriented support to the individuals and organizations involved.

It provides:
• Supporting the development of impact pathways for the planned packages of measures;
• Provision of training opportunities for the competent management of new challenges in the implementation of action plans;
• policy learning through international networking and the provision of spaces for reflection for mission-oriented policy;
• Foresight for the medium-term orientation and further development of the missions;
• Support in impact measurement and coordination of monitoring reports.

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