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MAREMOTO – Regional Economic Impact Assessment


Analyse regional economic effects – differentiated and comprehensive


The basis for the regional economic assessments is the regional economic model MAREMOTO (MAcroeconomic REgionally-differentiated MOdel TOolbox).

In UK English: MAREMOTO is a multi-regional input-output model that was developed using data from Statistik Austria, the World Input Output Database (WIOD), and data from the OECD by JOANNEUM RESEARCH – POLICIES, and is continuously maintained. It encompasses the macroeconomic interconnections of industries, sectors, and institutions within a region or an economy. This allows for the inclusion of complex interactions that might be overlooked in other types of analyses.


Why use MAREMOTO for regional economic impact assessments?

Economic activities at regional level, such as investments, have effects that run through the entire economy. MAREMOTO can be used to identify these at regional level. MAREMOTO can also be used to compare different options for investments or political measures in advance and thus select the best option in economic terms.


What are the advantages of MAREMOTO?

MAREMOTO provides a comprehensive perspective on the regional economy by considering the connections between all sectors.

By combining diverse data on regional, national, and global economies, the use of MAREMOTO enables decision-makers to develop informed strategies.

MAREMOTO is adaptable and can be used for a wide range of questions.

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