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Geospatial Modelling

Estimation of regional effects and impacts based on grid data

Illustration of estimation based on grid data, image: Joanneum Research

Econometric methods of geospatial modeling provide a powerful way to analyze economic phenomena in relation to geographic locations. These methods combine techniques from econometrics with spatial analysis tools to understand the impact of geographic factors on economic variables. Overall, econometric methods of geospatial modeling provide a powerful way to capture the complexity of economic processes in relation to geographic factors and to support decision makers in various fields.

What are the benefits of geospatial modeling?

Econometric models can be used to analyze and forecast regional economic activity. By integrating geographical information, we can better understand how location factors such as access to markets, infrastructure or natural resources influence the economic performance of a region. Possible areas of application include infrastructure projects, transportation and logistics, real estate markets and urban planning and development.


Our offer:

  • Analysis and assessment of the suitability of existing data for geospatial modeling
  • Development of estimation methods, analyses and illustrations
  • Preparation of recommendations for action and documents for location analysis
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