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User-oriented technology development

Take social diversity into account when planning and implementing research and innovation projects

Credit: pexels cottonbro studio

Is your work focusing on technology development, research and innovation projects? Is it important to you to know the exact needs of your target group? We support you in this!


Why user-oriented technology development?

Involving different user groups in technology development brings you many advantages:

  • It has the potential to lead to new technical and social innovations that appeal to different target groups.
  • It can expand sales markets for products or increase the chances of success for forms of therapy.
  • It can become a decisive competitive advantage over rivals, both on the market and in many funding programmes.
  • With diversity-sensitive research, you can help shape the future in a responsible way and better tackle social challenges.


What we offer:

We have many years of experience in inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration and carry out needs analyses for target groups of your technological innovation and continuously evaluate your technological developments with various users in order to support the development process in the best possible way. In doing so, we build on our expertise in participatory, social science methods and gender and diversity in research and development.

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