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Shaping the future with social innovations

New challenges for politics, society and the economy: The book has been published by Campus Verlag with the participation of the POLICIES Institute.

Buch / Zukunft gestalten mit Sozialen Innovationen

Shaping the future with social innovations New challenges for politics, society and business, by Jürgen Howaldt (ed.), Miriam Kreibich (ed.), Jürgen Streicher (ed.), Carolin Thiem (ed.), Image: Campus Verlag

Social innovations are attracting more and more attention these days - even more so as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In Germany, it has taken some time for the concept and its importance to become politically recognised.

This volume, published by Campus Verlag, brings together the leading experts in the German-speaking Social innovation research. It reflects the interdisciplinary perspectives on social innovations and explores their potential to tackle the major social challenges - such as social inequality or climate change. The articles also look at funding policy approaches at national and international level as well as criteria for the evaluation and impact of social innovations.

This volume was published by Jürgen Howaldt (Dortmund University of Technology), Miriam Kreibich (VDI/VDE-IT), Jürgen Streicher (JOANNEUM RESEARCH),  Carolin Thiem (VDI/VDE-IT).

>  The book is now freely available to all via Open Access here


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