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Tec.Reg - Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

Research into inflammation as a key process for ageing and wound healing

The project

Inflammation is a key process in the body that plays a decisive role in acute and chronic diseases as well as in the ageing and wound healing process. Research into such key processes is therefore of great interest from both a medical and a health policy perspective.

Our activities in the project

COREMED and HEALTH have pooled their expertise as part of the Tec.Reg project with the common goal of achieving rapid progress in inflammation research and development. In detail the differences between normal and derailed inflammatory reactions were determined.  The focus was on the development of technologies that enable multimodal monitoring of healthy and inflamed skin in order to recognise the development of chronic wounds at an early stage and subsequently prevent them altogether.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.med. Lars-Peter Kamolz, MSc

Gefördert aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie (BMK)

Technical University of Denmark
University of Graz

Project details

At the HEALTH Institute, new technologies were developed and existing measurement technologies adapted and optimised in order to characterise the inflammation in the wound healing process with temporal and spatial resolution. 

The necessary preclinical models for acute and chronic wounds were established at COREMED overcoming the challenge of adapting these models as closely as possible to the clinical situation. These clinically relevant models and the implementation of innovative imaging procedures will contribute to the best and fastest possible translation of the results from the Tec.Reg project into the clinic.


DI Dr. Thomas Birngruber
Stv. Direktor, Forschungsgruppenleiter
Mag.<sup>a</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Elisabeth Hofmann
Mag.a Drin


DI<sup>in</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Anita Eberl
DIin Drin


Dr.<sup>in</sup> Reingard Raml
Stv. Forschungsgruppenleitung
Ass.-Prof.<sup>in</sup> Mag.<sup>a</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Petra Kotzbeck
Prof.in Mag.a Drin


Deputy Director COREMED, Head of research group
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