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BSL-2 Cell culture laboratory

BSL-2 facilities provide safe and controlled conditions for culturing and analysing cells derived from primary tissues. We offer not only isolation and cultivation, but also phenotyping and detailed characterisation of cell populations.

Cell Culture Institute CORMED

Our state-of-the-art cell culture laboratory with safety level 2 (BSL-2) equipment is designed in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and provides a modern and professional working environment. Sterile conditions for the cultivation of cells are guaranteed in the cell culture laboratory. On the one hand, primary cells such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes and preadipocytes are isolated and cultivated from human tissue donations. We also work with various established cell lines. In addition to simple 2D monocultures, co-culture models or more complex 3D models can also be created. Wound healing studies (so-called scratch assays) can be carried out as standard using the Agilent BioTek Autoscratch device and analysed using special software. We conduct ex-vivo experiments with fresh "skin explants" that can be removed during elective surgery and used for research. In these ex-vivo tests, for example, local reactions of the skin to injuries such as burns can be analysed.

  • Nucleocounter NC-200 (Chemometec)
  • ImageXpress Pico, Automated Cell Imaging System (Molecular Devices)
  • AutoScratch (Biotek)
  • SpectraMax® iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (Molecular Devices)

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Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Precision Medicine
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