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DEKO-AirTrans impresses at a presentation by the Austrian Armed Forces

A team from DIGITAL successfully presented our flexible airborne transport solution for contaminated persons to a high-calibre audience.



On 20 November, the Austrian Armed Forces held a press event at Brumowski Air Base in Langenlebarn in Lower Austria with high-ranking participants from politics and the military. Alexander Almer and his team from JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL were invited to present and demonstrate the results of the FORTE project DEKO-AirTrans to interested guests. Federal Minister of Defence Klaudia Tanner, State Secretary Florian Tursky, MSc MBA (BMF), Major General Dr Peter Vorhofer, Brigadier Wolfgang Luttenberger and Dr Ralph Hammer (BMF) were on site and familiarised themselves with our flexible airborne transport solution for the transfer of NBC-contaminated persons.

The aim of DEKO-AirTrans was to develop a flexible mobile inner tent solution based on a multifunctional pallet for the interior of a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. The solution developed as part of DEKO-AirTrans makes it possible to transport contaminated or highly infectious persons (NBC) in a transport aircraft without interior contamination. Another aim was to monitor the transport situation using environmental sensors integrated into the inner tent and portable biosensor technology in order to monitor the vital signs of the people being evacuated and to be able to initiate the necessary measures in a timely manner, such as obtaining medical expertise via the telemedicine solution.

The presentation of the project results and developments as well as the demonstration of a simulated evacuation scenario with soldiers met with great interest and further possible collaborations were discussed in this context.


DI Alexander Almer
Koordination Geschäftsfeld Sicherheit und Verteidigung
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