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DIMCOR – Displacement Monitoring using Corner Reflectors

Automated measurement of surface deformations at millimetre range based on radar satellite images


InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar)

This remote sensing technique uses images from spaceborne SAR satellites to measure ground surface deformations with millimetre precision. Corner reflectors (CR), which are man-made targets placed on the ground, enhance the accuracy and reliability of InSAR measurements in challenging areas where natural reflectors may be insufficient.

With our many years of experience, we offer a tried and tested complete package for the efficient management of long-term surveying tasks, even in difficult environments.

The Task

  • Automated evaluation of displacement for every corner reflector
  • Using all available orbit directions for getting a most complete representation of the true displacement


Your Benefits

  • Frequently updated information about deformation
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing
  • No power supply or data transmission required



  • Works with commercial or open and free satellite SAR data
  • Measurement of vertical and horizontal displacements
  • Can deal with nearly all weather and daylight situations



  • Customized solution for your specific application requirements
  • Integration into existing surveillance systems possible

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