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Monopuls Tracking Receiver

Monopuls Tracking Receiver

Automatic tracking and focussing of large satellite reception systems.

Monopuls Tracking Receiver

In radio communication, moving transmitters (e.g. satellites in low orbits) must be tracked with highly directional antennas in order to maintain data communication. The "monopulse tracking" method is used for this purpose. This technology, known from radar technology, only requires one transmission pulse to focus the antenna on the transmitter. Of course, this also works with continuous signals, such as those used in satellite communication. With the "Monopulse Tracking Receiver" developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, fast and robust tracking of the transmitter/satellite is possible. The implementation was carried out using "software-defined radio technology".

The device was developed for VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK GmbH and is distributed exclusively by this company.


  • Input Frequency Range: 50 – 2200 MHz
  • Mode: Coherent and Non Coherent
  • Bandwidth up to 160 MHz
  • Max carrier acquisition time < 1s
  • Tracking delay < 10 ms (typical < 7 ms)
  • Carrier acquisition search range up to 4 MHz
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