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With our DIGITAL.culture products, we offer an integrated, constantly evolving, complete solution for modern data management.

Schell Collection, Foto: B. Bergmann

Digitisation has also found its way into the art and culture sector and this requires special software solutions. Our experts work together with museums, archives and libraries on customised database solutions for the scientific documentation of archive and museum collections.

Our DIGITAL.culture family includes


imdas pro imdas pro supports our customers in all work processes in the museum sector - from the registration and cataloguing of objects to scientific evaluations, the planning of exhibitions and the creation of websites and catalogues.

archivis pro is the software solution for archivists for scientific documentation and recording of operational work processes. The system can be flexibly adapted to the needs of large and small archives and supports the cataloguing of entire collections as well as individual items. User administration is also fully integrated into archivis pro.

antiqua pro was developed specifically for the research field of archaeology and heritage conservation. This tool was developed in collaboration with experts from both disciplines and provides support from the initial recording of finds on the excavation to the comprehensive evaluation of the excavation results.

imdas pro light light is the perfect solution for small cultural organisations. Thanks to its predefined structure, the database enables quick and efficient processing and documentation of objects, even with limited human resources.


Our DIGITAL.culture team is always at our customers' side when it comes to getting started and working with the required systems. If required, we can help with the transfer of existing data, take over the training of your employees and carry out maintenance and update work for you.

Welcome to the world of digital culture!

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