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Automatic continuous measurement of precipitation particles

Einblick in ein geöffnetes Distrometer

2D-Video-Distrometer / (c) JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Schwarzl

The 2D video distrometer measures the upward and lateral run-up as well as the falling speed of precipitation particles. This data is used to determine the droplet size distribution, the rain rate and the nature of the precipitation particles (raindrops, hail or snow).

Reliable models of the fine structure of precipitation are the basic prerequisite for a wide range of applications in communications engineering, remote sensing and meteorology. The 2D video distrometer provides the detailed information required for this: Using two high-speed cameras, precipitation particles are filmed from the front and from the side and thus measured with great accuracy. The data stored on the analysing computer provides information on the size, shape, aggregate state, spatial position and falling speed of each individual precipitation particle. Supplemented by overall variables such as rain rate or size distribution, the measurement data forms the basis for more accurate weather forecasts and allows precise statements to be made about the effects of the individual types of precipitation on satellite radio links.

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