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AKUT® - Acoustic incident detection in tunnels

Tunnel monitoring that uses artificial intelligence and intelligent microphones to detect critical events in less than 1 second.

The time from the occurrence of an incident to the alerting of the tunnel management is crucial in the event of a critical incident and is minimised by the innovative AKUT® safety system.

The noise that typically occurs during the operation of tunnels is characterised by the engine, rolling and flow noise of passing vehicles. Anomalies occurring in the noise, such as the impact of a vehicle against the tunnel wall, the mutual impact of two vehicles, tyre squeal, lost cargo etc. as well as anomalies in the noise of individual vehicles can be detected by the microphones installed in the tunnel.

In this way, various measures can be automatically initiated immediately when an incident is detected in a particular section of the route. This saves valuable time and maximises immediate assistance and accident prevention for both those involved in the accident and the vehicles following behind.

More than 30 tunnels in Austria are already equipped with the AKUT® system, and the system is also already in use in the UK and the Czech Republic. The DIGITAL team is currently supporting more than 2,000 microphones in Europe in 24/7 operation, making tunnels safer.

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