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Mobile Mapping Services

Combination of high-precision 3D laser scans with measurement images of the surroundings taken from the air, on the vehicle or on foot.

Through a unique combination of vehicle-based, airborne and people-based mobile mapping systems, the DIGITAL TWIN LAB opens up a new quality of digital twins that enables partners and customers to realise new, innovative business ideas in various areas.

The derivation of exact digital twins of the road is the central area of strength here. Partners and customers use the highly accurate, correct and complete images of reality operationally as a reference for test drives and for the simulation of automated vehicles in validation projects. Thanks to the significantly higher resolution compared to individual systems, universal digital twins of areas can be generated, which can be used for various tasks. The mapping of buildings, covered areas and vegetation with a high level of detail can open up new fields in simulation, spatial planning, asset management, building information modelling and training .

With its mobile mapping services, DIGITAL TWIN LAB offers extensive expertise in the operation of the infrastructure with correspondingly high-quality data acquisition, data analysis and provision of the image. This expertise in sensor calibration and qualification, authorisation procedures and mission planning is also used to offer consulting services and training. Direct utilisation takes place through data acquisition as a service for customers and cooperation partners. In addition to direct orders, data is also collected as part of co-operative research projects. In addition, strategically important areas such as high-ranking road sections and railway networks are recorded in advance and the data is subsequently offered to partners and customers.

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