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visIvis® - Automated meteorological measurements

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Reliable recording of meteorological measurements using camera-based sensor technology and image analysis.

VisIvis Logo

The reliable and precise estimation of weather conditions is of central importance for air traffic safety. To minimise the disadvantages of current subjective observer reports, an approach for the automatic determination of visibility conditions using image-processing methods has been developed. Visibility determination from cameras enables reliable automation of detection while maintaining the strengths of an observer.

Areas of application for camera-based visibility measurement are

  • Automation and stress reduction in air traffic management
  • Creation of comprehensive visibility reports that comply with current air traffic standards (METAR)
  • Remote tower applications
  • Meteorological measurement networks
  • Visibility determination for critical infrastructure (e.g. motorways, ports)


As an option, visIvis® offers additional measurements for detecting snow cover. This means that multiple relevant meteorological measurement values can be derived using one camera as a sensor.

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