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Total project duration:

3 Years

AI-supported water supply of the future

Our activities in the project

In addition to the consortium management of the project, the research group is developing an acoustic real-time monitoring system for the relevant parts of a water treatment plant and pump stations. With 24/7 monitoring on an acoustic basis, it is not only possible to recognise faults immediately - emerging anomalies in the systems can also be detected at an early stage. This means that in future, replacements can be procured before the system component fails and replaced in a planned manner. The system will therefore make a valuable contribution to securing the supply of drinking water to the population in future.

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Project details

The extraction of drinking water for the population, but also for agricultural use, has reached an intensity in both urban areas and rural regions that makes it difficult to utilise existing water resources, particularly due to climatic changes. The development of new resources is only possible with considerable effort and increased costs. In addition - not least due to the effects of climate change - there is probably an irreversible trend towards falling groundwater levels and decreasing spring discharges, which is contrary to the increasing demand for drinking water.

The aim of the KI-WAZU project is therefore to implement new forms of management for regional and supra-regional water supply companies using data- and model-based control of resource utilisation, drinking water distribution and their integration into daily operations. Furthermore, AI-supported multimodal monitoring of water supply systems will enable 24/7 monitoring in the future. In future, this will make it possible to reliably detect faults in system components before they fail and take countermeasures (e.g. procurement of spare parts) in good time.


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