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Total project duration:

2 Years

Multi-layer Connected Factories with hybrid conventional and digital components

The project

ConFacts goes beyond traditional education. It is a visionary initiative that transforms teaching and learning factories (TLFs) into versatile learning tools that serve as both teaching aids and simulators of the real world. Our goal is to create a synergy between the elements of the TLF by offering an integrated learning programme (e.g. Digital Product Passport, Data Spaces, Modular Production) for students and professionals wishing to upskill or retrain in the field of manufacturing.

Our activities in the project

JOANNEUM RESEARCH's contribution consists of the creation of learning materials on the topic of NFC/RFID for asset management. Building on the 2022 learning materials, learning materials on the digital product passport were subsequently created.

The aim of the digital product passport is to collect and exchange data on a product including the supply chain along the value chain. Demonstration of technologies such as QR codes and NFC tags for product identification on a physical product is part of this learning material.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH also offers training courses on NFC, RFID and the digital product passport.

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EIT Manufacturing




INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science

Pannon Business Network (PBN)

Technical University of Prague (CIIRC CTU)

Project details

Building on the ongoing activities of ConFacts in 2022, the consortium will expand activities in a more collaborative approach along the value and supply chain using networked teaching and learning factories. ConFacts' innovative approach enables the desired scalability and a combined strategy as described below.

Firstly, the data-driven approach is to be further expanded in order to develop even more AI-based services. These services will address the optimisation potential as well as collaboration and integration in the supply chain even better. The showcases developed will help to develop a better understanding of such a standardised digital service hub in order to support SMEs and mid-caps in their digital transformation.

In addition, we see the benefits of applying the resulting "value-based" approach to these digital services in faster, simpler, more transparent, more and better decisions when it comes to managing the production process within a factory and across the supply chain in a very heterogeneous environment.

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