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Total project duration:

2 Years

Mobile multi-sensor system to increase operational safety in the railway system

Our activities in the project

The research group developed the acoustic sensor including microphone array and the associated signal processing for the detection, classification and localisation of different classes of noise. The classes to be detected include vandalism, such as graffiti spraying or glass breaking, as well as the recognition of human noises such as voices or walking noises on gravel. During detection, the sound source is also localised using the microphone array and various beamforming algorithms.

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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

ÖBB Operative Services

Joby Aviation Inc. (INRAS GmbH)

RIEGL Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Universität für Weiterbildung Krems

PKE Holding AG

Project details

During the MOBILIZE project, a reliable, portable security system was developed. The system consists of one or more mobile video towers equipped with thermal cameras, radar, 3D laser scanners and PTZ cameras as well as several self-sufficient acoustic nodes containing a microphone array for localisation. By fusing the individual sensors, the detection accuracy is improved with a low false alarm rate both during the day and at night. The security system developed in the MOBILIZE project also has a drone. This is used to check the detections of the terrestrial sensors from the air using a thermal imaging camera.

The results of the individual sensors, the fusion and the drone are embedded in a hazard management system. Parallel to the technical development, legal and sociological analyses were carried out to ensure that the technical developments and processing comply with legal requirements and to map individual and social risks and opportunities.


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