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Digital OP Checklist

The digital checklist and cross-professional process documentation for surgical procedures.

OP-Check supports the entire process from pre-op to post-op, increases process quality, contributes to error reduction and thus makes work easier. OP-Check is as flexible as paper, but fully integrated into your hospital information system.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH has developed the digital surgical checklist together with the Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft (KAGes) and the LKH University Hospital Graz to support medical staff in decision-making and processes. The aim is to increase patient safety and acceptance of the application.


What are the advantages of the digital OR checklist?


Reduction of Errors

  • Reduction of patient mix-ups by scanning the wristband
  • Warning in case of risk of confusion due to similar sounding names
  • Reduction of page mix-ups due to multiple checks
  • Reduction of incorrectly applied surgical procedures or forgotten surgical items through multiple checks


Reduction of Risk

  • Presentation of warnings from the HIS: medical information (e.g. allergies, antibiotic prophylaxis), information relevant to care (e.g. non-removable ring, glass eye, dentures, etc.)
  • Note function for communication along the process (digital post-it)


Facilitation of Work

  • Presentation of the most important information about the patient and the procedure
  • Instructions for action in relation to the OP checklist for each test step
  • Single sign-on: direct access from the HIS
  • Real-time data transfer from the HIS (master data, consent, allergies, medication)
  • Absprungmöglichkeit ins KIS oder die elektronische Fieberkurve
  • Jump to the HIS or the electronic temperature curve


Higher Process Quality

  • Standardized, uniform workflow
  • Consistent pre-, intra- and post-op checklists. No more "routing slips"
  • Consideration of process dependencies
  • STOP function in the event of deviations or problems in the process
  • Overview through process visualization
  • Structured presentation of completed and open tasks
  • Complete audit trail: who did what, when?
  • Documentation of process deviations
  • Benchmarking option


Flexible Configuration

  • Flexible like paper
  • Adaptable to the needs of the "cutting subjects" or the complexity of the interventions
  • Customizable for elective and emergency surgery
  • Individual input fields for optional documentation for entries
  • Scalable from small hospitals with one operating theater to large clinics with >100 operating theaters
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