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Pharmacological testing of neuropharmaceuticals

With cOFM, local drug distribution and biomarkers in the brain can be monitored - with the blood-brain barrier intact.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) protects the brain from harmful substances, toxins, etc., but also hinders the transport of neuropharmaceuticals into the brain. The cOFM (cerebral Open Microperfusion) allows sampling in numerous brain regions with an intact BBB. cOFM studies provide data for drug development as well as unique insights into metabolism and signaling in the brain.

About cOFM

cOFM is a unique instrument for investigating the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of the brain with an intact BBB. Implantation of a sample into the brain region under investigation leads to rupture of the blood vessels and local destruction of the BBB. When performing cOFM experiments, the BBB is healed and restored for 2 weeks after implantation of the cOFM probe so that cOFM sampling can then be performed with the BBB intact. During sampling, the cOFM sample is continuously perfused with a physiological fluid (perfusate). The perfusate exchanges molecules with the cerebral interstitial fluid (ISF), resulting in diluted and also unfiltered cerebral ISF samples. The collected cerebral ISF samples contain all molecules present in the brain tissue without restriction due to size or inherent chemical properties, including drugs, proteins and antibodies.

cOFM features

  • Überwachung des Substanztransports über die intakte BHS
  • Monitoring of neuronal biomarkers, e.g. leptin, tau protein, without restriction with regard to the size and lipophilicity of the substance
  • Monitoring the function of the BBB and changes in permeability
  • Time-resolved monitoring of substance concentration in the brain
  • Parallel sampling in different brain areas and direct comparison between CSF and brain ISF
  • Use in various animal models from mice/rats to primates

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Autor*innen: Birngruber, Thomas; Ghosh, Arijit; Hochmeister, Sonja; Asslaber, Martin; Kroath, Thomas; Pieber, Thomas R.; Sinner, Frank
Autor*innen: Altendorfer-Kroath, Thomas; Asslaber, Martin; Hummer, Joanna; Boulgaropoulos, Beate; Prietl, Barbara; Pieber, Thomas R.; Bernhart, Eva; Birngruber, Thomas

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