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We perform untargeted and targeted metabolomics studies to quantify metabolites to investigate metabolic processes and identify biomarkers.


We combine our bioanalytical, statistical, medical, biological, and biochemical expertise with modern information technology. This strategy enables us to offer a broad spectrum of customer-oriented services in the field of metabolomics research.

Untargeted and Targeted Metabolomics

We offer a wide range of metabolomics services on targeted and untargeted analytical platforms. Our expertise includes the right selection of sample types, sample collection procedures, sample storage and delivery, sample preparation in combination with the best metabolomics platforms. In addition, our methods for data processing and statistical analysis are well established.

  • Metabolites of primary metabolism (amino acids, Krebs cycle, glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway, CoAs, ...)
  • Energy metabolism
  • Metabolite fingerprinting
  • Quantification of coenzyme A-activated compounds
  • Quantification of spermidine and related compounds (polyamines)
  • Metabolomics with stable isotope labeling


Our Expertise

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs, covering the entire study or just individual steps: from support with study design, data generation (extraction, targeted/untargeted measurement), analysis (feature detection, normalization, quality control, corrections, identification), interpretation (visualization, uni/multi/variate statistics) to knowledge generation.

  • Preparation of the samples
  • Data processing: visualization, filtering and correction
  • Identification of metabolites
  • Univariate and multivariate statistical methods
  • Sample types: human, mouse, rat, pig, Drosophila and a large variety of microbial species and cell cultures


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