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Bioanalysis, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and Metabolomics

Specialized methods for analyses and testing for preclincial and clinical studies (GLP and non-GLP).

We develop, validate, optimize and automate innovative, bioanalytical methods for high-throughput analysis for the medical research, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We combine bioanalytical, statistical, medical, biological and biochemical expertise with advanced information technology to offer a wide range of customer-oriented services in the field of metabolomics and metabolic research.


  • Metabolomics

We are investigating how innovative analytical methods can be used and optimized to research metabolic processes.  Learn more


  • Peptide Hormone Analysis

We analyze and identify endogenous or therapeutic peptides and interfering products in (pre-)clinical study samples. Learn more


  • Stable Isotope Analysis

We determine the metabolic rates, the water content of the body, the total energy consumption and track the activity of the metabolic processes. Learn more


  • Bioanalysis

We offer high-resolution bioanalysis, automated for high throughput and optimized for small sample volumes and low concentrations. Learn more


  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

We specialize in analytical services for pharmaceutical research and production. Learn more

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