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FairCom: Using and Shaping Online Communication Inclusively




Total project duration:

2,5 years

Increasing inclusion in technology development and application in a participatory process
Inklusive Onlinekommunikation


The project

How Can Online Communication Become More Inclusive? 

FairCom's project goal is to make online meetings inclusive - both in terms of software and moderation. In a highly participatory process, we develop ideas together with various user groups, which are then developed into technological and communicative solutions and evaluated. The results of FairCom help to raise awareness for inclusive technology development and application.

Our activities in the project

We lead the FairCom project, assess the needs of the users and evaluate the solutions. As JOANNEUM RESEARCH, we are also responsible for the consistent consideration of relevant diversity dimensions throughout the entire project.

Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG)

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology
ICG – Integrated Consulting Group
Netural GmbH - Creating Digital Services

Details of the project

The climate crisis and mobility restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a current boom in online meetings. For sustainability and environmental reasons, it is crucial that this form of communication continues to be used extensively after the pandemic, thereby reducing traffic and pollution. In light of this development, it is essential that technologies for online meetings are open to everyone and can be used by everyone. However, research shows that these technologies are often not designed or used in an inclusive way; rather, they have an inherent potential for discrimination, which must be minimized. FairCom therefore pursues the goal of contributing to making online meetings more inclusive - both in terms of software and moderation or application. Based on a comprehensive survey of user needs and exclusion mechanisms, we develop solution ideas together with diverse user groups in a highly participatory process. These ideas are subsequently elaborated into technological solution approaches (with testbed implementation) and communicative solution approaches (instructions for action and methods for online moderation), and in a further step serve as an evaluation environment. The results of the evaluation will be disseminated to increase awareness of the issue of inclusion in technology development and use.

Project participants

Sarah Beranek, BA MSc


JR Netzwerk „Gender Dimension“, Support Gender in Research

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