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Mobile sensor technology for UAV defence through direction-dependent acoustic detection and localisation

Our activities in the project

The aim of BARAKUDA is to develop a mobile acoustic sensor system that can detect and track multiple drones depending on their direction. In addition to algorithms for acoustic detection, this requires methods of sound source localisation and extraction specially adapted for this application. The special innovative content here is the fusion of localisation and detection of sound events, which is necessary to meet the requirements of the desired sensor system. The acoustic sensor system will be integrated into the BMLV's existing C2 systems and its performance will be evaluated as part of trials.

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Austrian Institute of Technology

Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence

Project details

The emergence of new technologies for UAV systems and their commercial availability creates a potential asymmetric threat situation that cannot be satisfactorily countered with existing sensor technology. In particular, the rapid development of drone technology with regard to autonomous flight manoeuvres, intelligent collision avoidance, robust communication and swarm architectures requires new defence strategies for various attack scenarios.

Multimodal approaches are currently being investigated in which UAVs can be detected, localised and neutralised using a network of different sensors. The acoustic domain has proven to be an indispensable element in the development of such multi-sensor solutions for detection and localisation. However, existing systems that use one or more acoustic sensors are primarily focussed on stationary operation and the detection of a single drone.


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