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Total project duration:

3 Years

Cross-sensor platform for lifecycle monitoring of transformer

Our activities in the project

In addition to leading the consortium, we are developing an autonomous monitoring system consisting of a mobile multi-sensor platform as a carrier vehicle with project-specific installed sensors (audio, video, thermal, etc.). This autonomous platform can independently carry out various measurement and testing tasks in the vicinity of the transformer. The data recorded in the process creates the basis for intelligent analysis processes that automatically recognise fault conditions or anomalies in the transformer. The results of these analyses are then linked with data from the control technology to enable predictive maintenance and continuous product improvement. X-AMINOR is being developed on the basis of 2 use cases (final inspection and operation) and evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively by means of long-term studies in the field.

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APG (Austrian Power Grid) AG

Siemens Energy Austria GmbH

Pro2Future GmbH

Siemens AG Österreich

Project details

Transformers are an essential part of the energy supply system and their availability and service life are key target values in terms of security of supply. Transformer failures cause high repair and ancillary costs. Predictive maintenance is therefore a key factor in increasing the availability of such critical infrastructure elements.

The aim of X-AMINOR is to develop a multi-sensor dynamic condition monitoring and assessment system for transformers over their entire life cycle. To this end, existing monitoring systems are being supplemented with new data modalities and modelling methods that cannot currently be recorded automatically. This results in better, dynamic transformer monitoring and efficient load management, which avoids operational failures and allows new systems to be planned more efficiently.


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