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Benchmarking in the Healthcare System

The benchmarking system is a module of the web-based solution CDS-BARS for open benchmarking in the healthcare sector. It is used for performance monitoring, quality assurance, process optimization as well as structure and resource planning.


Current areas of application:

- acute geriatric medicine
- diabetes
- hepatitis

Main Features

Intelligent, interactive and individual data analysis
- Over 100 individual evaluations
- Numerous parameterization options: Age, gender, medication, events, scores, etc.

- Overview of key performance indicators and trends
- Overview of the most important evaluations
- Customizable views and standard evaluations

Automatic reporting
- Automatic creation and periodic dispatch
- Customizable reports

Open benchmarking
- Comparison of individual facilities
- Comparison of individual groupings (hospital associations, federal states, regions,...)

Data Export

Acute Geriatrics Module
The most frequently used module at present is the acute geriatrics module. It was developed together with experts from the QiGG (Quality in Geriatrics and Gerontology) association. Around 40% of Austrian acute geriatric facilities have taken part in benchmarking to date. Participation is possible at any time.

Data is recorded using the QiGG documentation form developed by experts, which enables structured documentation of a geriatric stay (admission, assessments, diagnoses, therapy, discharge). The anonymized health data is either entered online or imported from existing IT systems via interfaces.

The data collected in this way can be easily evaluated in the CDS-BARS Benchmarking System and compared with the data of other participating centers.

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