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Therapymonitoring for Acute Geriatrics with CDS-BARS

CDS-BARS module for patient-centered, cross-professional, interdisciplinary collaboration and documentation on acute geriatric wards

The therapy monitoring system (TMS) supports the work of interdisciplinary teams in acute geriatric clinics and was developed together with experts from the QiGG (Quality in Geriatrics and Gerontology) association. The aim is to enable structured documentation of the geriatric stay and a clear patient presentation, to support interdisciplinary team meetings and to enable automatic data transfer to the benchmarking system for acute geriatrics.

TMS is an independent, web-based system that can be integrated directly into various hospital information systems (HIS). User and patient information is transferred from the HIS (single sign-on) and reports from the TMS are sent back to the HIS and can be viewed there in the respective electronic patient file as a PDF. Patient and case data is transferred from the HIS via a standardised HL7 data interface.

TMS can be used in an inpatient setting as well as in the day clinic or as part of outpatient geriatric remobilisation.

The main functions of the TMS:
Cross-professional presentation of the geriatric stay
Support for interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss cases
- Occupational group-specific notes
- Moderation function

Clear presentation of patient status on one page
- Determine and evaluate occupational group-specific therapy goals
- Discharge planning with to-do list

Data collection for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)

Automatic report generation
- Daily archive report
- Summary of team meetings
- Appendix for the doctor's letter

HIS integration and enhancement
- No HIS replacement, no fever curve replacement
- Single sign-on (no separate access required)
- Data transfer (master data, diagnoses, therapies, etc.)
- Data return as PDF

Support for benchmarking activities and automatic data transfer

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