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Green Photonics

Complete solutions from optical simulation, mastering and prototyping to the transition to high volume, cost effective production of optical structures and components

Photovoltaic, Credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Manuela Schwarzl

In the field of green photonics, we offer complete solutions, e.g. for energy-efficient lighting, from optical simulation, mastering and prototyping to the transfer to large-scale, cost-efficient production of optical structures and components, such as free-form micro-optics for customized light management.


Sustainable use of light

Light has always played a central role in human history. Artificially generated light, especially in industrialised societies, determines people's lives to a large extent and has to be produced at night using a corresponding amount of energy. The electricity required for lighting alone accounts for around 19% of the world's total electricity demand.


Under the term "Green Photonics", we have set the goal of making a research contribution to the sustainable use of light in order to make conventional and new lighting systems more efficient and compact. Our motto is "Light - Function and Tool".



The Green Photonics segment includes applications for efficient light generation and management, light-to-energy conversion and energy saving. The associated technologies range from photovoltaics, lighting, optical sensors and energy-efficient communication technologies to energy- and resource-efficient laser production processes.


From optical design to production

Our activities in the field of green photonics technologies are aimed at providing our customers with complete solutions, from optical simulation and prototyping to supporting the transition to cost-effective production of optical structures. The development and design of customised optical structures for systems and components requires a coordinated process sequence: optical design and simulation - mastering - shim production - optical component production - optical characterisation.

Application example: Building-integrated photovoltaics

We are advancing photovoltaics for the energy transition. Our research aims to increase efficiency through intelligent light control in PV modules and new technologies for efficient colouring of solar cells and solar glass. This will open up a wider range of design options for building-integrated photovoltaics.

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