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Laser material processing

Laser processes and systems for the production of three-dimensional structures with high resolution in the micrometre range.



Laserlabor MATERIALS Weiz, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Linhardt

We develop laser processes and systems that use short-pulse laser light as a tool to create three-dimensional structures with high resolution in the micrometre range. This provides flexible and rapid prototyping methods for producing a variety of structures in a wide range of materials. Applications are diverse and range from micromachining using laser ablation to laser lithography using multi-photon absorption. The laser processes developed allow a combination of subtractive, additive and modifying laser processes.


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Fields of application:

  • Mastering / Origination - Generation of 2.5D microstructures in light-sensitive layers
    We use laser lithography to produce optically smooth surface micro-relief structures in photoresists with variable lateral and vertical structure sizes in the range of 1 to 100 µm on an area in the square centimetre range. An important field of application here concerns micro-optical elements, in particular designed as flat free-form optics. These are ideal candidates for optical applications such as beam focussing, shaping and steering.


  • Laser ablation
    Laser ablation can be used to ablate or structure a variety of materials (e.g. glasses, ceramics, metals and polymers) in a very defined and localised manner with resolutions in the range of a few micrometres.


  • Integrated optics - 3D structuring in the volume of transparent materials
    We use laser lithography for three-dimensional (micro)modification in the volume of transparent materials such as glasses, crystals and polymers. The method enables applications in the field of integrated optics in particular and represents a promising approach for the miniaturisation and scaling of optical waveguide networks.
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