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Visible Light Sensing, Positioning and Communication

Cost-effective solutions by extending the functions of classic LED-based lighting systems in the areas of Visible Light Communication, Visible Light Positioning and Visible Light Sensing

Smart Connected Lighting © JOANNEUM RESEARCH

We develop cost-effective solutions by extending the functions of classic LED-based lighting systems for a wide range of applications in the fields of visible light communication, visible light positioning and visible light sensing to realise innovative sensor solutions based on visible light.


The value chain of state-of-the-art LED light solutions

In addition to the targeted production of lighting scenarios, prospective lighting systems will make it possible to acquire or transmit a multitude of data that must in turn be further processed and evaluated intelligently.


Functional lighting can be used in the following application areas: kann in folgenden Anwendungsbereichen zum Einsatz kommen:

  • smart buildings
  • smart cities
  • general lighting
  • automotive
  • smart farming


Application example: Smart connected horticultural lighting

The aim of our research is to increase efficiency and productivity in indoor agriculture by enabling our Smart Connected Horticultural Lighting solutions to grow plants under optimal conditions while saving resources such as energy and water.

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