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Piezoelectric and pyroelectric sensors (PyzoFlex®)

Printable sensor inks and sensors with piezoelectric, pyroelectric and magnetoelectric features

PyzoFlex foil, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

PyzoFlex® technology consists of fully printed polymer sensors for detecting the smallest pressure and temperature changes or vibrations, signal processing and integration into a wide variety of structures. We develop customised solutions for a wide range of applications.


What is PyzoFlex®?

PyzoFlex® It is a breakthrough sensor technology for the precise detection of temperature and pressure differences on objects and their surroundings. PyzoFlex® uses special polymer sensors applied to large areas of film using low-cost screen printing or inkjet processes. This technology enables precise measurement of localised pressure and temperature differences on objects and their surroundings. This makes them the perfect solution for industrial applications. The sensors are also extremely stable. 

PyzoFlex® technology uses both the pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects to make precise measurements. The pyroelectric effect is used, for example, in temperature-sensitive protective walls or robot hands, while the piezoelectric effect is used in 3D touch interfaces.

In addition, mechanical stimuli such as touch, pressure or walking can be used to generate energy, making PyzoFlex® an environmentally friendly and forward-looking technology.

PyzoFlex® is the perfect solution for industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, robotics, medical and many more. The technology enables accurate and large area detection of temperature and pressure differences, resulting in improved quality and efficiency.



Where can PyzoFlex® be used?

  • Consumer electronics (human-machine interfaces)
  • Security (workplace protection, 360° motion detector, biometrics)
  • Age-appropriate assistance systems (Ambient Assistance Living)
  • Robotics (artificial skin)
  • Life science (large-scale medical diagnostics)
  • Automotive (energy harvesting, safety, human-machine interface) 


What are the benefits of PyzoFlex®?

  • Large-scale and flexible
  • Spatially resolved depending on design
  • High environmental resistance
  • Energy self-sufficient detection
  • Cost-effective, due to a manufacturing process based on industrial printing processes 


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More Information

Application example: Piezoelectric energy harvesting

We are developing a piezoelectric platform to power wireless sensors or sensor networks by harvesting energy from motion and vibration. This allows us to create self-powered, energy-efficient sensor systems for sustainable products.

Find out more about our research in the field of energy self-sufficient sensor solutions by visiting our H2020 SYMPHONYproject website.

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