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Functional coatings of components

Functional coating processes: Plasma and vacuum coating (PVD, PA-CVD), atmospheric pressure plasma coating processes as well as digital printing processes

Atmospheric pressure plasma coating system, credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Bernhard Bergmann

We use functional coatings to improve the properties or add new functions: Flow resistance, abrasion, antibacterial, conductivity, adhesion, etc. We are proficient in numerous coating processes, plasma and vacuum coating (PVD, PA-CVD), atmospheric pressure plasma jet processes, as well as digital printing processes. You can find our range of digital printing processes in the section Printing processes and printed electronics.


Service portfolio: From development to production

Our services include the development, characterisation and production of functional coatings under atmospheric pressure (~1013 hPa (mbar)), in low pressure fine vacuum (~0.1 Pa) and high vacuum (~10-5 Pa) and range from problem analyses, literature research and feasibility studies to prototype production and small series coating. As part of technology transfer projects, we also support our partners in the installation and establishment of coating processes in-house.

Coatings enhance the structural properties of a component (e.g. the necessary mechanical stability) with special surface properties (e.g. additional functions such as low friction and wear protection, design and haptics, sensor technology, electr(on)ics, biocompatibility, etc.). Numerous different processes are available today for producing coatings.

Special plasma-assisted coating processes enable (highly) energetic coating application and use physical and chemical processes that occur when a solid surface interacts with plasmas (ionised gas consisting of neutral gas atoms, ions and mobile electrons). The layers produced range in thickness from a few nanometres to several hundred micrometres and can be applied to metallic, ceramic and polymer base materials as well as composite materials.

One of our core competences is low-temperature coating, which makes it possible to produce coatings at almost room temperature.


Application example: Biomedical coatings and implants

We develop manufacturing and coating processes for haemocompatible, antibacterial and osteoinductive components for a new generation of implants (heart valves, spinal implants and implantable electronic actuators and sensors). We also coat 3D printed substrates for this purpose.

We have the following technologies available: 

Atmospheric pressure plasmajet coating system

Atmospheric pressure plasma coating technologies (ADPB), e.g. with plasma jets, do not require a vacuum chamber and are therefore subject to hardly any size restrictions with regard to the components to be coated. Possible applications of ADPB include the activation of polymer surfaces by oxygen or inert gas and the deposition of pure metal, oxide and polymer coatings doped with (nano) particles as wear protection, corrosion protection and barrier layers or as biocompatible, antibacterial or biofunctional layers and as electrical insulation layers or conductor tracks and electrodes.


Low-pressure plasma system

Low-pressure plasma offers a wide range of possibilities for surface modification, e.g. fine cleaning of contaminated components, plasma activation of plastic parts, etching of PTFE or silicon and the coating of plastic and metal parts with PTFE-like layers (see practical example of HMDSO anti-adhesion layer on structured nickel moulding). The advantages of plasma coating are the constant and fully automated processes suitable for series production, with which extremely thin coatings in the nanometre range can be produced in a wide range of variants with very good gap mobility and also on piece and bulk material without the need for temperature input or the use of solvents.

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