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Laser material processing

Laser welding, laser alloying and laser cladding, with a particular focus on materials expertise

Credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Bernhard Bergmann

Our strengths lie in laser welding, laser alloying and laser cladding, with a particular focus on materials expertise. We offer result-oriented process development through to series production, including quality assurance. This includes small batch production as well as transition to volume production at the customer's site.


Laser welding

We have laser beam sources in the multi-kilowatt range, special laser optics and a welding robot that can also be used to realise laser welding on large components with complex 3D welding paths.


Laser alloying

Laser alloying enables us to provide unique solutions for the localised modification of material properties. The strength of laser alloying lies in the moderate modification of the chemical composition of the base material (e.g. stainless steel).


Laser cladding

Our expertise lies primarily in process development for complex coating systems that are optimised for the specific application. Thanks to the precision and stability of the laser beam, very complex welding processes are possible. By combining a robot with automatically adjustable focusing optics and special weld path generation software, solutions can be developed for complex surface patterns.


Laser beam analysis

We offer laser beam measurements based on our many years of experience in the development of laser machining processes and laser beam diagnostics.


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