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Optical simulation, design and prototyping

Overall concepts for design, simulation, optimisation and prototyping of optical components for customised lighting solutions

Credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Bernhard Bergmann

We offer partial or complete concepts for the design, simulation, optimization and prototyping of optical components and systems for tailor-made lighting solutions. Our portfolio also includes self-developed algorithms for diffractive, refractive or freeform micro-optics.


Our offer

The underlying process chain includes the design and testing of optical structures using simulation tools, the production of embossing masters using laser lithographic methods and the replication of structures using embossing processes such as UV nanoimprint lithography or hot embossing in batch and roll-to-roll processes.

In addition, we offer support in the transfer to large-scale and cost-efficient production of optical (micro) structures and components. Our range also includes an extensive arsenal of equipment for optical analysis.


Our overall concept

The development and design of customised optical systems and components combines three disciplines: Calculation algorithms for the design of light guiding structures and optical simulation, as well as the production and characterisation of optical components.

Aspects of optics production and the overall structure must be incorporated into the design and optical simulation in the sense of virtual prototyping.

The design and simulation methods used can be used to design, analyse and optimise customised optical elements and components in structure sizes both smaller and larger than the wavelength of light.

The portfolio of optical structures ranges from diffractive and refractive optical elements to extremely flat free-form optics (FF micro-optics). This allows a wide range of optical effects in lighting, photovoltaics or optical sensor technology to be exploited in a targeted manner and used to optimise the often complex optical systems in terms of energy efficiency.

As a result of this virtual process in the course of the optical simulation, geometry data of the (micro) optics is provided in the form of CAD files for production. These files can be used by customers for their in-house production or by us for the production of ultra-flat polymer optics. In particular, maskless UV greyscale laser lithography is used for this purpose.

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