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Austrian Robotics Workshop 2023

Alexander Weissmann bei seiner Präsentation am ARW 2023

Deep learning-based person classification on mm-wave radar data by Alexander Weissmann at the Austria Robotics Workshop (ARW 2023), Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Rathmair

The Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW) brings together researchers, experts and practitioners working on various robotics topics to discuss current developments and challenges in robotics and its applications. Organised by the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz and the Linz Center of Mechatronics the workshop 2023 took place from 12 - 13 April in Linz.

The topics covered a broad spectrum of robotics research, including industrial robots, autonomous and mobile robots with production and service applications as well as relevant topics from computer science and sensor technology. The aim of this year's workshop was once again to further strengthen co-operation between science and industry and to serve as a venue for the presentation of robotics innovations. Around 14 industry exhibitors therefore complemented the programme and showcased their latest developments in this specialist area.

In addition, our colleagues also showed with their paper presentation In addition, our colleagues also showed a strong presence at this year's ARW with the following paper presentations:


Notice: The Austrian Robotics Workshop will take place in Innsbruck in March 2024.


Dr Michael Rathmair
Deputy Director ROBOTICS, Head of research group
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