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Industrial 5G - Key technology for the connected production of the future

On 13th July 2022, the topic of 5G was high on our agenda. As part of a series of events, participants were able to gain a deeper insight into the current status of our research and the general development of the 5th generation of mobile communications through exciting presentations. High-calibre presentations by Arnold Pfeiffer (A1), Jorge Ospina (Siemens), Martina Eckerstorfer (BABEG) and Guido Breitenhuber rounded off the event. Another highlight was an overview of the 5G-Playground Carinthia and the potential applications for SMEs.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of DIH Süd.

Moderator vor dem Monitor, der ein 5G Symbol zeigt

5G in industry and production, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Hofer


Anton Scheibelmasser
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