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Automatisierte Bildqualitätssicherung in Videokamera-Netzwerken

Image quality in camera networks

For operators of networks with a large number of video cameras, it is necessary to ensure the image quality and constant availability of all cameras in order to be able to provide the required services.

With today's technologies, the network connection of the cameras can be monitored automatically, but the quality control of the image by humans (operators) is usually not carried out due to the immense number of cameras and the associated high labour and cost expenditure.


The AViMon system developed by DIGITAL makes it possible to continuously and robustly assess the image quality of several thousand cameras and automatically report cameras with problematic image quality or altered image detail. AViMon provides detailed information on the following image quality defects:

  • Image dropouts in the form of blocks or line-like image structures
  • Black images, low-contrast, overexposed images
  • De-focussed/blurred images
  • Flickering, shaky, noisy video
  • Permanently altered image (due to dirt, water, snow)
  • Shifted image (due to twisted camera)


Operators of large camera networks in the application areas of public transport (road, rail, airport, ship), security (police, private security services, cities) and industry can use AViMon to drastically reduce the effort required to detect faults and also recognise gradual image degradation (ageing, soiling, etc.) and react promptly before a complete failure occurs, thus ensuring the highest possible availability of safety-critical infrastructure.

The AViMon team combines more than 20 years of research, development and user experience. Building on an existing solution for the operation of the ASFiNAG video network, which was implemented by Siemens, and the market-leading tool sets for video quality assessment from JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a scalable and robust system for recognising the image quality for a large network of video cameras was created.


AViMon was supported by the research funding programme "Mobility of the Future: Transport Infrastructure Research R&D Services (vif2016)" of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and by Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft.

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