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Heinz Mayer, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bernhard Bergmann


Heinz Mayer succeeds Wolfgang Pribyl as of 1 September 2021 and takes over the management of Austria's second largest non-university research organisation with headquarters in Graz.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH develops solutions and technologies for business and industry in a broad range of sectors and conducts cutting-edge research at an international level. Well embedded in the national and international innovation network, the researchers develop innovations in the three thematic areas of Information and Production Technologies, Human Technology and Medicine, and Society and Sustainability. Now telematics expert Heinz Mayer will take the helm and steer the company with its seven research units through the great challenges of our time.

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Contact: Gabriele Katz


Accurate biomonitoring is possible
without being noticed; the extremely thinness and softness realize that the sheet system closely
contacts with the skin, Credit: Osaka University/JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Patching up your health

Scientists at Osaka University, in cooperation with JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Weiz, Austria), introduced wireless health monitoring patches that use embedded piezoelectric nanogenerators to power themselves with harvested biomechanical energy. This work may lead to new autonomous health sensors as well as battery-less wearable electronic devices.

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Contact: Mag.a Barbara Stadlober and Dr. Andreas Petritz