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LIFE wins "Best Oral Presentation Award" at important E-mobility congress in Seoul

The EVS37 took place in Seoul, Korea, from 23-26 April 2024.

Gerfried Jungmeier has been leading the "LCA of Trucks, Buses, 2-Wheelers and other Vehicles" task within the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (HEV) for over 2 years. The focus of the collaboration with 12 countries is the development and application of a new type of assessment of climate neutrality and recyclability using the dynamic life cycle analysis (LCA) method.

At the EVS 37 - Electric Vehicle Symposium in Korea, this globally unique approach was presented for the first time to over 1000 scientists from 36 countries. The pioneering approach aroused great interest and praise, as climate neutrality and recyclability can now also be scientifically assessed using LCA.

Task Manager Gerfried Jungmeier was honoured with the "Best Oral Presentation Award" in the Closing Session of EVS37 for his presentation "Dynamic LCA to Assess Climate Neutrality and Circularity - Case Study e-Trucks of IEA HEV Task 46". Jungmeier summarises:

"We are proud that we - from Austria, which may seem small on a global scale - can also achieve great things through international cooperation in order to scientifically answer the key future questions on climate neutrality and circularity."

Austria's participation in the task is funded by KLIEN and BMK.

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