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New EU initiative puts renovation projects in the hands of citizens

New EU initiative aims to encourage citizens to realise energy-saving renovation projects.

Ein Mann montiert ein Solarpanel auf ein Dach.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is part of the new EU initiative Citizen-Led Renovation, which aims to put citizens in the lead of energy-saving renovation projects. Instead of waiting for external actors, citizens themselves take the initiative to renovate and upgrade their neighbourhoods, schools or public buildings. This participatory approach not only fosters a sense of ownership and community engagement, but also contributes significantly to the regeneration of the urban environment. Selected pilot projects in various European countries are being supported in carrying out renovation measures not only with companies, but also with citizens at the central control centres, for example through voluntary and non-profit-oriented energy communities.

The background of the project, which was initiated by the EU Parliament and directly commissioned by the EU Commission, is not only the ambitious energy efficiency targets for 2030, but in particular the new EU Buildings Directive, which aims to force renovations in neighbourhoods and energy communities. Under the leadership of THINK-E, JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a central partner and responsible for the social science analysis of selected pilot projects, as well as for the development of new renovation concepts as part of energy communities and the necessary regulatory framework. The results will serve the EU Parliament and the EU Commission to further develop their energy policies, but also national governments in the implementation of the 2030 EU directives in the field of energy. Interaction with the EU Parliament and the Commission as well as members of other leading actors in the field of energy policy will take place via a project advisory board.



Andreas Türk, MBA


Head of Research Group
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