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New EU project on decarbonisation in Ukraine

We are part of the new EU project U_CAN.

Ukraine-Karte mit angehefteter Flagge

Credit: iStock/MarkRubens

The project Ukraine towards Carbon Neutrality, or U_CAN for short, was launched at the beginning of May under the leadership of TU Dresden. It is part of the EU thematic area Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (CNSC).

The aim of the project is to put Ukrainian cities on the path to climate neutrality using a practically orientated bottom-up approach. This also takes into account the opportunity for the EU to cooperate more closely with Ukraine.

Based on the European climate standards and the European Green Deal, the project is starting with a core group of eight Ukrainian cities, the city of Dresden as a CNSC mission city, NGOs and research institutions. This networking and co-creation process addresses the current challenges of Ukrainian cities and their key sectors.

The project will run for four years.


Andreas Türk, MBA


Head of Research Group
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