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Presentation of the new climate information system of the city of Graz

At the first Climate Symposium of the city of Graz on 29 November 2023 the results of the new climate information system (KIS) for the city and the surrounding region of Graz were presented.

Foto des Podiumsgesprächs beim Klimasymposium.

Building on the existing urban climate analysis from 2013, the new climate information system has been developed over the past three years by a broad network of partners.

LIFE contributed the analysis of socio-economic heat vulnerability as well as the analysis of the heat-related mortality and morbidity risk. Besides the presentation of the developed climate information system, in a workshop the participants discussed the utilisation possibilities of the results for the departments of the city, the neighbouring municipalities, politics, business and the population as well as further developments of KIS.

Franz Prettenthaler represented LIFE in the final panel discussion. The participants agreed that the new climate information system offers clear added value at many levels, but the current status is only a starting point and will be further developed in the future.



Dr Franz Prettenthaler, M.Litt
Director LIFE
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