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Battery LIFEcycle Check

Environmental assessment of batteries from the extraction of (critical) raw materials to recycling

Fotomontage eines tankenden E-Autos mit Bildausschnitten von der Rohstoffgewinnung und klimafreundlicher Energiegewinnung mit einer Weltkarte im Hintergrund.

Our Battery LIFEcycle Check offers companies and research partners customised environmental assessments of batteries. We assess:

  • different cell chemistries for existing and future battery technologies (e.g. NCM, LFP, Na-ions)
  • mobile (battery electric vehicles, all classes) and stationary (e.g. home storage, microgrids) applications
  • the impacts of raw material extraction, material production, cell and battery production as well as battery and material recycling
  • the various environmental impacts (e.g. global warming potential, primary energy consumption, acidification, recyclability)


We also offer comprehensive (comparative) environmental assessments of drive systems and fuels as well as stationary energy storage systems:

  • combustion engines with synthetic fuels such as e-fuels or green gas and their production
  • fuel cells with green/blue/grey hydrogen
  • battery electric vehicles
  • stationary hybrid energy storage systems with electrolysis, fuel cells and battery


We are continuously developing this product in cooperation with international research partners.


IEA Task 40

IEA HEV Task 46

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