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Rooftop Farming-Partnerschaft

Logo Smart City Rooftop Farming

Use of urban rooftops to produce electricity and food and improve urban climates

Logo Smart City Rooftop Farming
Ausschnitt von Pflanzen auf dem Dachgarten des Science Towers


More and more of the world’s urban roof surfaces are being used sustainably, in a development which helps to counteract widespread sealing of land. Playing out on the roof of the Science Tower Graz at a height of 60 metres above street level, our Smart City Rooftop Farming project enables us to pursue our goal of demonstrating a best-practice example of how sustainable food production on urban rooftops represents an integrative solution that allows cities to adapt to climate change.

The roofs of the future have new, additional functions: they will generate electricity, produce food – locally, seasonally and sustainably – and help foster a healthy urban climate.

In this research project, we are growing food crops in high-quality substrate as part of our work to investigate which components are required for sustainable, professionalised rooftop food production.


Join the Smart City Rooftop Farming project

Becoming a partner or sponsor of our demonstration and research project for new, innovative food production methods in urban areas is a great way to show responsibility and demonstrate your organisation’s forward-looking credentials, while enjoying numerous benefits.


Your far-sighted investment in the future

  • delivers competitive advantages
  • demonstrates the innovation capabilities of your company and its products
  • supports R&D on innovative concepts
  • gives you the opportunity to participate in a unique project that is helping to drive the development of rooftop food production
  • sends out a signal about responsible citizenship
  • sets you apart as a role model and pioneer for future generations



Join the Smart City Rooftop Farming project as a partner or sponsor today. Alternatively, we can work with you to draw up a concept for smart food production on your own rooftop.

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