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Preferential Business/Policy Partnership

Research partnerships with business, industry, research institutes and the public sector

Mann transportiert Frau auf einem blauen Lastenrad, welche die Arme nach oben streckt und lächelt.

Climate change and its consequences have serious effects that we want to counteract through our partnerships.

In our Preferential Business Partnership (PBP) or Preferential Policy Partnership (PPP) models we provide a powerful, independent and internationally networked research partner to help representatives from business, industry, research and the public sector tackle the challenges they face in this area. Working in close cooperation with these partners, we develop solutions to the consequences of climate change.

Our partners belong to a strong community that is committed to acting on its responsibility to the planet and future generations.


Our PBP and PPP models help you to:

  • save resources by allowing you to utilise our institute as a service-oriented external research and development unit
  • expand your knowledge leadership and benefit from our international research project expertise and network
  • drive innovation and secure a competitive edge
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