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Agent-based traffic modelling

Regional implementation of agent-based transport models and planning of transport concepts

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We help transport providers, transport associations, cities, municipalities and climate and tourism regions unlock their full potential when it comes to the mobility transition. Thereby we address regional and new transport technology, climate and transport policy issues at research level


Our offers:

  • LIFE Mobility and Activity Model
  • Design of Mobility-as-a-Service Solutions



LIFE Mobility and Activity Model

Our modular LIFE Mobility and Activity Model gives our customers access to a MATsim-based method for agent-based traffic model applications. This method can be used to create agent-based transport models for cities, municipalities and climate and tourism regions that are customised to specific geographical locations as well as for transport companies and other mobility service providers.

In addition to traffic-related parameters (traffic volume, modal split, transport performance, etc.), the LIFE Mobility and Activity Model and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) module automatically determine traffic-related environmental parameters (CO₂ equivalents, NOX, particulate matter).

The 24/7 forecasting module predicts traffic volumes and the expected traffic-related greenhouse gas emissions in the form of a daily cycle.


Design of Mobility-as-a-Service Solutions

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provides mobility in the form of a demand-led service. Rather than focusing on individual modes of transport, our activities centre on services that treat mobility as an optimised and often intermodal, joined-up package.


Optimisation and digitalisation of various services, such as

  • bike sharing, scooter sharing, ridesharing
  • demand-responsive public and private transport
  • automised shuttle systems


can cut the amount of energy required for everyday travel while reducing the emissions generated as result, especially when they are used in combination with public transport. MaaS systems are set to become an important element in the transition to climate-neutral mobility.


Our offer

Through the LIFE Mobility and Activity Model, which is based on the agent-based MATSim transport model, we offer an optimal basis for addressing MaaS-related transport, climate and transport policy issues at the planning and operational phase. The effects of traffic and changes in harmful emissions can be determined, reported and displayed in intuitive graphics.

Through our activities, we are providing both the public sector (cities, municipalities, climate and tourism regions) and mobility providers (transport associations, etc.) with a customisable tool that can be adapted to the specific region or used as a virtual test environment.

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