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Climate Balances for Businesses and Products

Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step on the path to climate neutrality

Vor einem grünem Hintergrund platziert eine Hand Holzblöcke mit Symbolen zu Umwelt und Klimaneutralität.

We calculate the carbon footprints of products, companies and systems, and support our clients to ensure transparent communications and reporting aimed at public authorities and customers. We can provide an end-to-end service – from data acquisition support through to third-party verification – or individual phases (including carbon footprint verification). It goes without saying that we comply with the latest international standards for the calculation of product and corporate carbon footprints (ISO 14064 and ISO 14067), and also take EU legislative requirements into account (such as the European Sustainability Reporting Standards). We also take our analysis one step further by identifying other environmental impacts of pollutants and the effects of resource consumption across the product life cycle, for example by means of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). In addition, our service portfolio extends to creation of custom calculation models (including staff training) that companies can use to independently evaluate their impact on the environment.


We have more than 30 years’ experience of calculating carbon footprints for research projects and for businesses in all sectors of the economy. We work continuously to fine-tune our methods (including evaluation of recyclability and prospective calculations), which sets us apart as an expert partner for environmental assessment, especially when it comes to more complex industrial production, energy and transport systems, and for roadmaps for the transition to climate neutrality. From major industrial companies and innovative start-ups to ministries and local and regional authorities – our clients value the additional benefits that our expertise generates.


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